What is mermaiding?

Professional mermaid Katrin Felton explains you what mermaiding is

Professional mermaid Katrin Felton explains you what mermaiding is

There are definitely different definitions of mermaiding. Of course mermaiding is the practice of movement underwater while wearing a mermaid tail. But I think mermaiding is much more than just swimming with a mermaid tail. First of all I think everyone who performs mermaiding is an ambassador of the ocean. When people see someone mermaiding most of them are interested, and will stop and look maybe even start to ask questions. I personally think those situations in mermaiding are the perfect opportunity to give information to people about the ocean, environment and the ocean´s problems like overfishing, shark finning and pollution. A healthy ocean should be in the interest of everyone who performs mermaiding.

Mermaiding is also a way of living a life between fantasy and reality. When you are mermaiding you have the chance to feel completely free, be different than most of the people and transform into a fantasy figure. If you have always dreamed of being a mermaid, mermaiding gives you the chance to let your dreams come true.

Of course people practise different kinds of mermaiding. For most people mermaiding is just a hobby but others practise mermaiding as a real job. I personally earn my money with mermaiding by being photographed and filmed underwater, being booked for events, teaching mermaid workshops and selling mermaid tails. Other mermaids also perform in aquariums. I personally don´t like promoting that animals have to live in captivity. That is why I normally don´t perform mermaiding in aquariums or zoos. I do mermaiding in aquariums only sometimes if it is for a special event to promote a good cause for the environment or animal protection. This is why I was mermaiding in “Underwater World Pattaya” to support the campaign “Swim for sharks” and in “Aquaria KLCC” for the event “Save our fins” to stop shark finning.

Apart from being a hobby or job mermaiding is also a great sport. People who perform mermaiding underwater are also freedivers. Every time you do mermaiding underwater you will get better at your breath hold and movement. Mermaiding is also a very powerful workout for your whole body. In my mermaid academy my “mermaids in training” really feel all the muscles in their bodies which are used while mermaiding. So if you are looking for a new workout mermaiding is a good choice to get fit.

On the other side mermaiding gives you the opportunity to be creative. I was never really creative before I started mermaiding but now I love creating my own mermaid tails and tops.

Mermaiding became for me a very special hobby and I am really happy to be able to work as a professional mermaid too.

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