Mermaids swimming underwater

Professional mermaid Katrin Felton swimming underwater in Phuket, Thailand

Professional mermaid Katrin Felton swimming underwater in Phuket, Thailand

When I see mermaids swimming underwater in movies I always dream away. It was actually when I saw “Arielle” the little mermaid swimming underwater in the famous Disney movie when I knew that I wanted to be a mermaid too.

It looks so elegant and graceful seeing a mermaid swimming underwater like she really belongs there. When real mermaids swim underwater they move like dolphins or whales. The movement of a swimming mermaid underwater is a full body movement that starts in the center of the body and ends in the end of her fin. Same as dolphins mermaids don’t have knees. That makes it kind of hard for mermaid models like me to swim as a mermaid underwater and to look like a real mermaid. Real life mermaids can bend their tails in both directions while they are swimming underwater. Mermaid models and freedivers can’t. We can practice the movement to swim like a mermaid underwater but even with daily training humans will never look like real life mermaids when they are swimming underwater.

Anyway with a lot of training we can learn to swim so that it almost looks like how real life mermaids are swimming underwater. If you want to learn how to swim like a mermaid underwater some things are very important to know. The movement of a mermaid swimming underwater is a whole body movement. The mermaid swimming movement underwater doesn’t come out of the knees. As mermaids don’t have knees you should not bend them too much when you want to swim like a mermaid underwater. The movement starts in the upper body and goes like a wave through the whole body. The

Underwater mermaid models Katrin Felton and Nora Lestari swimming in Bali

Underwater mermaid models Katrin Felton and Nora Lestari swimming in Bali

knees just bend naturally a little bit when you are swimming like a mermaid underwater. The mermaid swimming movement bends in both directions to the front and to the back. To be able to swim nicely like a mermaid underwater you will need a good monofin in your mermaid tail. When I started to swim like a mermaid underwater I bought a mermaid tail in the internet. The self made monofin in this mermaid tail made it almost impossible to swim like a real mermaid underwater. To move forward I had to bend my knees a lot but that is not how mermaids swim underwater. So I created my own professional mermaid tails with real freediving monofins. In these mermaid tails you can actually swim like a real life mermaid underwater without bending your knees. If you are still looking for your own mermaid tail you can buy these mermaid tails in my mermaid shop:

I am really exited when I see videos of me swimming as a mermaid underwater. It is incredible that every time I am underwater I improve my skills and my mermaid swimming style looks better and better from time to time. But the best thing is: Swimming as a mermaid underwater is much fun!!!


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