How to make a mermaid tail?

Professional mermaid Katrin Felton tells you how to make a mermaid tail

Professional mermaid Katrin Felton tells you how to make a mermaid tail

To make or to get a mermaid tail is definitely an important thing for everyone who wants to become a mermaid. But how to make a mermaid tail? Where to start and what materials do you need to make a mermaid tail in which you can actually swim with? Professional mermaid and certified freediver Katrin Felton will give you some tips on how to make your own special mermaid tail.

“When I decided that I wanted to become a mermaid I was searching the whole internet for tips to make my own mermaid tail. As my husband and I were backpacking through Australia at that time I didn’t really have enough space to make my own mermaid tail. But when I want something I can not wait any longer that is why I bought my first mermaid tail on the internet. At first I was quite happy but as a scuba diving instructor I spend much time underwater and found out very quickly that the quality of the mermaid tail was not made for professional mermaiding in the ocean, more for playing in the pool. So I decided to make my own mermaid tail when we came to Phuket, Thailand. To make a mermaid tail that is strong enough to swim in the open sea I needed a monofin. I tried different variations of creating my own monofin but I had the same problems as with the mermaid tail I bought on the internet. The angles were wrong so that the movement underwater had to come out of the legs. But mermaids normally have a full body movement like dolphins. The other problem was that most of this monofins broke easily. I knew to make my own powerful mermaid tail I needed a real freediving monofin. For my first self made mermaid tails I got a professional monofin from “Specialfins” made out of carbon kevlar. I love this monofin but because I travel quiet a lot now I also use monofins made out of plastic (available in my shop: To make your own mermaid tail you may want to change the shape of the monofin. The plastic monofins are quiet easy to cut but anyway my husband always helps me change the monofin’s shape. To make your own mermaid tail you need to know what kind of material your tail should be made of. I make my mermaid tails out of neoprene but you can also make your mermaid tail out of swimwear fabric. The easiest thing to make your mermaid tail is to lay down on the fabric or neoprene and someone draws around your body from the feet to you waist. To make your mermaid tail don’t forget to lay the monofin also on the fabric at the end where your feet are and draw around it. Now you cut out the fabric two times, sew it together and have the monofin between the two layers of fabric. To make a neoprene mermaid tail you should sew a sipper in so that the neoprene is really tight to your body. Now your self made mermaid tail is almost ready. If you want you can paint it with fabric colours to make your mermaid tail unique. You can also sew sequences on or anything else just be creative when making your own mermaid tail. But there is one rule you should follow. When you make your mermaid tail never copy the design of another mermaid’s tail. Every mermaid should be unique and no mermaid is happy about seeing someone swimming with a tail that looks like hers. And don’t forget you make your own mermaid tail to have your own recognition value. Making a mermaid tail can be much fun but I had many ups and downs on my way to find out the best way on making mermaid tails. If you don’t want to make your own mermaid tail you can also buy tails in my mermaid shop:”

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